How To Sell Art On Etsy

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If you want to sell art on Etsy (one of the best ways to sell art online) this article will give you the best practices to having success on the platform.

Selling Art Through Etsy

For many aspiring artists, it can be frustrating to have plenty of talent, to want to demonstrate your skills and maximise your earning potential, but not know where to start. However, Etsy is an excellent solution to this problem. 

Etsy is a platform that almost anyone can use to sell personalised items that are a little bit more diverse than what you may find at a shop on your local high street. Regardless of whether you are a photographer searching for a market, or a painter who wants to profit from your capabilities, selling on Etsy is a great way to fix all of your selling problems. 

When you begin to try selling on Etsy, or on any platform for that matter, it may all seem a little bit overwhelming. So below, we have compiled some tips that you may find useful as you begin your journey selling on Etsy: 

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Do Competitor Research

The first step to running an Etsy shop, or even any kind of business for that matter, is to complete some market research. Taking even just a small glance at some of your competitors can go a long way in giving you ideas regarding your store. You may wish to examine sellers who produce art in a similar size and style to yours, so you can have a greater understanding regarding what does sell and what doesn’t. What size canvas do they use? What is the medium? Is it original work or a print?

Furthermore, it can be incredibly useful to examine their price ranges too. Of course, you want to price all of your artwork competitively so that it will sell best, but you also don’t want the price too low, as it does cost money to produce. If you want to sell art on Etsy pricing is something you must not ignore.

Taking a look at your competitors will also give you the chance to check out what will make your art stand out from the rest of the competition. If you’re unsure, try to focus on producing pieces that no-one else is, in order to make your artwork stand out from the rest.

You might even wish to order a small item from some of your competitors in order to understand precisely how they operate. You might notice little things that they do differently, such as thank you notes and discount codes for purchases in the future.

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Branding Your Etsy Shop

When it comes to building your Etsy shop, branding is crucial. Regardless of what you are selling or what niche you are in, your brand should reflect your personality and your product range to potential customers.

When any business, but particularly Etsy sellers, begin to start “branding” their products and services, they tend to focus exclusively on the visual and aesthetic feature, only taking things such as logo and images into account. But the truth is, branding means much more than just the colours you use. 

Branding is about what your customer thinks of when they think of your store. What kind of connotations do they have? What kind of words do they think of? What feelings do they evoke? The associations that you make between your brand and the emotions your customers feel are what separate the best sellers on Etsy from the average ones.

While of course, you should have a beautiful logo, and make sure that the colours you use are all congruent, but don’t go overboard with it, and make sure to keep in mind that branding means much, much more than that. 

Additional tip: if you want to keep Etsy art sales high, don’t be afraid to update your shop’s products or other design features to reflect seasons or time of year.

Have The Best Photos Of Your Artwork

Anyone with any kind of experience in selling on Etsy will be well aware that having high-quality photos is of crucial importance in having a good reputation.

Of course, we understand that not everyone will have a highly-professional and HD professional camera to take photos with, but this is where other software and websites can help. Placeit, for example, offers very impressive art mockups that you can use to get fantastic shots of your artwork, even if you don’t also have a camera to take the photos with.

These professional shots can come from various angles too, which will help you add an extra degree of professionalism to your profile, which can help you boost sales. 

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Optimise For Keywords And Tags 

When most artists are in a rush to make their Etsy stores, they can forget about some crucially essential details. Optimising for Keywords and Tags is one of them. These tags are correctly what Etsy customers will use to find your products.

Once you type out your keyword into the search bar, the Etsy algorithm will add in relevant keywords or phrases below, don’t ignore these! These keywords can be added to your description as well, which will improve your visibility, and allow you to access more customers. 

Use Social Media 

If you want to sell art on Etsy, social media has many great uses. For Etsy sellers, promoting and selling more of your artwork is one of them. Social media is the perfect tool to connect with customers and reach a wider audience with your artwork. 

Joining groups on various social media platforms are a great way to spread the word about your artwork. You can engage with customers, get more reviews, grow your audience as well as adding more credibility and trust to your profile.

It is not uncommon at all for buyers to check the social media accounts of sellers before purchasing the platform. It is so crucial for sellers nowadays, and an give you the upper hand over your competitors. 

Bonus Tip: Get Noticed On Etsy 

An advanced, insider tip to get more potential customers on Etsy is to space out your listings. The reason for this is because, for a brief while, Etsy list new listings at the top of the search results. By posting all your listings in one go, you will only reach the customers who are browsing at that moment. Spacing out your listings means that you can be featured multiple times, and reach a wider audience. 

We want to wish you good luck with selling your art on Etsy.

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