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Let Your Art Be Discovered

Want to build an audience excited about your work?

Artists are talented and creative people. One of the greatest challenges faced by artists is breaking through the millions of people online and finding the perfect audience that will love your work.

It’s time to join the Market My Art course.

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Join The Market My Art Art Marketing Course!

Market My Art is a step-by-step, art marketing video course designed to help beginner artists with little to no knowledge of internet marketing and social media break through the crowds of aspiring artists. Build your audience so you can sell more art and make money.

At the moment you may think marketing is complicated. You may have attempted some marketing in the past but didn’t really know if what you were doing was right or wrong.

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Don’t Put Off Your Art Success.

We break things down, we help make your marketing both simple and effective. Use proven tactics used by businesses and creatives big and small.

Artists are creative people, this is a huge strength that you can leverage to help your marketing success.

We cut out what you don’t need and just get straight to the point.

As long as you are willing to take action you will be able to have success from our course.

We hold your hand and take you through it all step by step. We are also on hand to answer your questions.


Want To Become A Successful Artist

To become a successful artist in 2020 you are going to need a solid online web presence and learn key marketing skills. This course teaches you to build a brand, create a website and then how to get set up with social media.

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Imagine if you had an audience of people eager to discover your next artwork. Wouldn’t it be great for you to put your art in front of people that would really appreciate it?

What Is Included In This Art Marketing Course:

Over 38 art marketing video tutorials plus handy pdf guides and worksheets.

Section One – Research And Branding – Some Highlights Include:

  • Understand branding and your niche.
  • Discover an easy way to do keyword research.
  • Build a solid base for your art ‘brand’.
  • Learn about the people who will love your art.
  • How to create custom graphics for your site and social media profiles.

Section Two – Building An Artist Website – Some Highlights Include:

  • Learn what to include on a successful artist website.
  • Discover SEO best practices for artists.
  • Step By Step videos to setting up your site and blog.
  • Google Sites Tutorial.
  • Tutorial ( The course is also now included as a free bonus).
  • Adding PayPal to your website to sell art directly.

Section Three – Social Media For Artists – Some Highlights Include:

  • Learn about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Create A Profitable Facebook Ad.
  • Discover how to create engaging posts that captivate your audience.

Go from a marketing beginner with no knowledge of building sites or social media to an artist with a solid web presence and engaged audience!

Even More

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Our course isn’t one of those courses that get made and then left to go out of date. We making new videos to expand the course and give you even more value and keep you up to date.

Who Is The Instructor?

Max Brent, son of a successful Art Dealer and Artist, follows the family passion for working in the creative industries. His career includes working as a Music Publishing Company Marketing Executive, Freelance SEO Specialist and of course helping many Artists and Art related businesses become more successful!

We have also for a limited time, secured access to some amazing bonuses from our sister company including more advanced training on Facebook ads and how to build your own online store. This takes the number of videos included up to 62!

We want as many artists to have success as possible and we have decided to temporarily lower the price of our course to just £47 to make it more accessible to help artists get back on their feet in the aftermath of Coronavirus. 

Forget monthly fees. When you sign up today we give you access for a whole year.

It’s time for your art to be noticed.

Of course, you can carry on as you are and try to work it all out yourself…


Join the course now and start your journey to Art success.