How To Create A Successful YouTube Art Channel

Create a suessful youtube art channel cover woth picture of camera

One of the best ways to build an audience your work is with your own YouTube Art channel. 

While of course Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok are popular with artists, you should never underestimate the power that YouTube can bring. Hundreds of art videos go viral every day on the platform and there’s no reason your videos can’t be one of them.

Let’s dive right in to our top tips for building a successful YouTube Art channel.

Powerful YouTube Tools For Artists

Many artists start their journey into YouTube with disappointment. You create a video you are proud of, upload it and then nothing. 

There are now number of tools that artists can use to help set things up correctly. TubeBuddy, Vidiq and Rapidtags can all help with your YouTube SEO. The best thing about these tools is that they have free plans so there’s no barrier to entry.

These tools often help you choose the best tags for your video. Using the best tags helps your videos show up in the searches better.

YouTube image to represent an art channel

Create Punchy Art Thumbnails

One of the greatest strengths that artists will have when creating their art channel is their creativity. The channel art and thumbnails will naturally be a lot easier for an artist to create.

Thumbnails are extremely important for a thing called click through rate. In English this is referring to the amount of people that click on your video after seeing it. 

Show off your most colourful pieces (or add colour to the thumbnail). The whole idea is to stand out from the crowd. You can also add a few words of text to give the viewer an idea of what it is about. 

Thumbnails with faces often get a higher click through rate. So, if you can get your face in or say a painting of a face, even better!

Document Your Progress

To build a successful art YouTube channel you need to entertain your viewers. While there are lots of types of content you can create, one of the best ways to grow your channel is to document your progress. 

You can use a number of videos to show/explain how you come up with an idea for a piece, and then how you are progressing up until the finished piece. Share your thoughts as you go along and let your viewers into your world. 

Another cool idea is to do a time lapse style video of you creating the artwork from start to finish. These videos often have a lot of potential to go viral and are really very sharable.

This documentation of a piece adds value to your work (you are providing a the story of it’s creation) so when you sell it (and the videos may actually sell it for you) you can sell it for more.

image of video camera
Don’t worry you don’t need a camera this fancy, most mobile phones shoot hd video!

Teach Art Techniques

If you are an artist, chances are you have watched another artist giving a tutorial on YouTube. People love to learn techniques and see how things are done (even if the people have no intention of actually following the tutorial).

Tutorial and “how to” style videos are a fantastic way to get more viewers on your art channel. 

You may even be able to promote a painting classes online or in person to earn extra money from your talent. 

Review Art Materials

It may sound crazy but actually reviews of art products can be a very good way for you to get extra views to your site. 

You can often do a thing called affiliate marketing where you send traffic from your review video to the products website and earn a commission for each buying visitor! A nice way to top up your artists wage.

The more views you get the more likely companies will send you stuff for free or even directly pay you to promote products.

Looking For More?

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