5 Social Media Tips For Artists

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Let’s take a look at social media for artists. Social media is an essential tool to promote anything online. Here are some quick tips to help artists get the most out of social media. 

While these points are pretty universal to social media platforms, it’s always important to bear in mind that the different platforms often like you to post in different ways.

So let’s get straight to the first point:

1 – Your Audience Is Your Friend

When creating posts imagine that you are speaking to a friend in person. Use natural language and be yourself. Show people what you are working on and let them see your works in progress. People love to see behind the scenes!

People want to know your character and get to know you. It’s easier to sell to someone who likes you!

Artist works in his studio. This image would be great as a social media post.

2 – Don’t Be All About The Sales

A common mistake is to have too many posts about buying your work. Of course, you want to sell more art, but this is likely to annoy any audience. 

You need to be as engaging as you possibly can.Show off fun engaging stuff that they would actually like to see!

3 – Just Be Yourself And Act Naturally 

Many people try to become someone else on social media. They become very formal or use language they never would in real life. 

Just be your natural self as much as you can. It will be far easier to sustain and people will find you more authentic and trustworthy. Trust is a big thing when making sales so be trustworthy.

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4 – Stop Rambling On

People on social media don’t have time for your life story every time you post. 

Keep it simple, keep it to the point and just about one thing (don’t confuse people or complicate things).

5 – It’s Good To Be Social On Social Media

As we said in number one your audience is your friend. If someone comments like it and comment back. 

Yes every comment!! 

People love to be interacting with you. If you interact your audience will be more likely to support you in the future. If you invited a load of people to a party and didn’t speak to them they would think you were rude. 

It may seem like common sense, but the key word in social media is social, so be social!!!

Artist drawing a girl. This would be perfect for an artists social media page.

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